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We believe partnerships are earned

We believe in offering value before you choose SINA as your General Contractor and this no matter which stage of the lifecycle your project finds itself. From paper napkin projects to full fledged Business Plans, the SINA team of professionals will take the first steps in building the trust value needed to earn your business. We are happy to discuss and offer our full suite of expertise and network to our future partners.

A mutual investment

SINA’s ethos is in Creating. The significance of this word as part of our mission statement cannot be overstated. As the general contractor of choice to some of Canada’s wealthiest entrepreneurs and elite private equity development groups, we treat all partners and files equally with the highest level of service, ethics and standards. Our investment with our partners is for the long term, so you may in turn, entrust and invest in us.

Delivering more for our partners

Through asset creation, we believe in creating long-term wealth management opportunities for our partners. By limiting the down side and maximizing the upside we deliver on time and on budget construction with an emphasis on transparency.

Some of the reasons our partners choose to invest in our industry and us:

  • Portfolio Diversification; as part of a complete portfolio strategy of wealth creation-tangible assets to fight inflation and ward off times of uncertainty.
  • Becoming a partner; unlock our extensive network of institutionalized investors, professionals and subcontractors
  • A Valuable Business Partner; our finger is on the pulse of economic activity and no one is better suited to advise you on your venture.

Behind SINA Construction

The 3 founding members of SINA construction have impressively delivered over 3 Million square feet of commercial, industrial and residential projects. They are experts in the ‘’design-build’’ construction model. This accelerated model of construction allows for faster execution and cooperation between the stakeholders. Transparency and cooperation are the drivers behind the SINA model success.

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